Parent Workshop

Mindful Looking: Deepening Your Relationship with Art and Your Child

Join us for a special workshop on how to talk to your child about art! Led by an art historian and parent, this workshop is perfect for parents who want to learn new ways to appreciate art and talk about their child’s creations. You’ll learn techniques to move beyond “that’s awesome” and have more meaningful conversations about art with your child.

Whether your child is in preschool or eighth grade, you’ll leave with practical tips and tools to help you explore the world of art together. By the end of this workshop, you’ll:

  • understand how to use descriptive praise to deepen the connection between you and your child
  • have gained practice using the vocabulary of art to see deeply and discover meaning
  • be more effective in communicating and more collaborative in your conversations when talking about art with your child.

You’ll also learn how to have conversations at the museum. Your new skills will allow you to have fun looking together even at things that aren’t “kid friendly.” With practice, you’ll learn how to engage your child in conversations about artworks that you are interested in exploring together, opening up new possibilities for your travels around town and on vacation.

To foster interaction and community, each workshop is limited to 23 participants. Registration is first come first served. The orientation is free and the workshop is offered as pay what you can. To learn more, click the button below.

“The classes were very interactive and discussions were thought provoking. It gave me practical skills in discussing art with my child. This course helped me to relearn the vocabulary and skills of art history again. I am looking forward to our next museum outing!”

Jee, parent to a 6-year old

“The techniques I learned provided me with valuable tools and language to speak with my daughter about her artwork. This will undoubtedly help her develop a deeper understanding of her own art. Moreover, the workshop gave me a newfound appreciation for art in general. On top of that, it was incredibly fun!”

Julie, parent to a 4-year old

“I greatly appreciated the opportunity to dedicate one hour of my week to playfully learn something new, alongside other adults, outside the realm of my professional focus. After completing the course, I feel more present with my children when we discuss their artworks thanks to the techniques I learned. The same is true when we look at artworks crafted by slightly more well-known artists hanging somewhere other than our refrigerator!”

Robyn, parent to a 5 and 9-year old

“The best aspect of this class was that it provided both practical and theoretical tools to help me connect with my child through art. As a creative parent without any formal training in the visual arts, I found it valuable to learn how to discuss art in general and what to look for by practicing with my child’s artworks at home.”

Judith, parent to a 6-year old

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